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Divorce isn't a battle to be won, but a problem to be solved.

A Family Focused Divorce Approach

Collaborative Divorce is a revolutionary evidenced-based process that brings the best of legal, emotional, and financial wisdom to the process of separation and divorce in an amicable and cost-effective fashion. This multi-disciplinary model offers a process of separation and divorce that protects the dignity, integrity and long-term best interests of all family members.

Are you looking for an amicable divorce?

Can you benefit from comprehensive care and streamlined resources?

Do you want to work collaboratively instead of tearing each other down?

If so, Collaborative Divorce may be the right fit for you!


Divorce does not have to be a messy process. You deserve peace of mind. Schedule a consultation to see how our team of experts can help your family. Start Today!

 Collaborative Lawyers

Each spouse works with a collaborative lawyer committed to working without adversarial strategies to provide an amicable experience

Parent Coaches

Each spouse works with a parent coach to mitigate the negative mental health impacts of divorce while establishing a co-parenting relationship

Financial Specialist

Organize current family finances and plan for the future with a neutral party trained on estate planning for divorcing couples  

Child Specialist

A neutral third party who understands the child's perspective and advocates for their best interests, especially in the parenting plan.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today!

Divorce doesn't have to be difficult. Our team of experts will provide comprehensive supports to make this transition as soon as possible. Schedule a free consultation today to get started. You deserve a hassle free process. Let our team help you during this time!

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